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Mace Pepper Gel For Sale

Mace pepper gel has quickly become a popular and reliable self-defense tool amongst individuals who seek to protect themselves against attackers. This amazing product is perfect for individuals looking for an alternative to traditional pepper spray, as the gel formula ensures that the spray remains in place after contact, reducing the risk of blowback and thereby increasing accuracy. The patented formula consists of OC pepper and a UV dye, which helps identify attackers and facilitates their tracking down.

Compact in size, the canister can be easily carried anywhere, whether that be for a jog around the park or a stroll through the city. Not only that, but the flip-top safety cap is an excellent feature that ensures that the spray won’t accidentally discharge. Mace pepper gel is the ideal choice for anyone seeking to protect themselves and gain confidence and empowerment in potentially dangerous situations. Trust us when we say, Mace Pepper Gel is the way to go!