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Inert Practice Spray

If you are new to the world of self-defense, we have an incredible product that can help you gain confidence and prepare yourself for any adverse situation. Our inert practice pepper spray is an excellent tool that will enable you to practice using pepper spray safely without worrying about causing any harm to anyone.

It is true that regular pepper spray can be dangerous and require proper training, fortunately, our inert practice pepper spray is specially designed to look and feel like real pepper spray, but is perfectly harmless. You can use it to practice your pepper spray techniques and familiarize yourself with how it feels before attempting to use the real thing.

If you’re a law enforcement officer, security guard, or an individual looking to protect yourself, our inert practice pepper spray is the perfect tool for you. With its non-irritating solution, you can gain confidence in using pepper spray without risking any injury to yourself or others. This product is also ideal for experienced pepper spray users looking to improve their skills. Invest in your safety today and get yourself an inert practice pepper spray!