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Triad Stun Gun

The Triad 27 Million volt Stun Gun is the epitome of strength and reliability when it comes to self-defense weapons. It is perfect for those who want to ensure their safety whether they are out and about or merely travelling from one place to another. The compact size of the stun gun makes it extremely easy to carry and it can be conveniently stored in your bag, purse or pocket, ensuring that you can access it anytime, anywhere.

The high voltage charge of the Triad 27 Million volt Stun Gun ensures that attackers are instantly incapacitated, making it one of the most powerful stun guns on the market. The built-in LED flashlight provides an additional level of safety, even in low-light situations, so you can feel more confident and secure at all times.

In addition, the stun gun comes with a safety switch and a belt clip, making it even easier and more convenient to carry with you. Simply clip it on your belt and you are ready to go! Whether you are heading to work, running errands or just taking a stroll, the Triad 27 Million volt Stun Gun is the perfect tool for ensuring your safety in a world that can be full of potential danger.