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Mace® Pepper Gel


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45 Grams, 79 grams

Mace® Pepper Gel is a game-changer in the world of personal defense! What makes this formula stand out is that it offers a practical, reliable, and highly effective solution that is perfect for anyone seeking protection. Unlike traditional pepper sprays, the gel formula provides added peace of mind when used in crowded areas or outdoors because it has a long range and is less affected by wind.

The accurate, highly targeted spray reduces the chances of putting others at risk. It is perfect for individuals who prioritize safety and want to minimize the risk of causing accidental harm to bystanders. Lightweight and compact, the Mace® Pepper Gel can be easily carried in a purse, pocket, or even on a keychain. It is a humane, non-lethal option that quickly neutralizes any potential attacker, providing much-needed protection and peace of mind.

With a shelf life of up to four years, this product is a prudent investment for people who are serious about self-defense, safety, and personal protection.

This Pepper Gel formulation results in several advantages:

  • Sticks Like Glue
  • Longer Distance
  • Stronger Pepper
  • Non-Flammable
  • Less Contaminating
John D.
John D.
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I bought several of these to give to women in my family. They all love them, and I hope they never have to use it. But I am glad they have it, just in case!
Jessica H.
Jessica H.
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