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Portland Crime

Again, the once great city of Portland is in the news in an unflattering light. The role of public safety entities has always been paramount in ensuring that citizens feel secure in their daily lives. However, recent developments in Portland have emphasized the potential need for individuals to take a more proactive role in their own protection. Portland’s public safety Commissioner’s stark message on the X platform (previously known as Twitter) resonated deeply:

“Our 911 system is overwhelmed today due to a significant incident—several overdoses in the northwest park blocks. We urge residents to reserve 911 calls for immediate life/death emergencies, ongoing crimes, or if there’s a tangible opportunity to apprehend the suspect.”

While the intent behind decisions like defunding the police was grounded in aspirations for broader social reform, the city of Portland, much like other urban areas, has since grappled with unintended consequences. Amidst the wave of challenges emerging post-pandemic, including heightened crime rates, rampant homelessness, and spiraling drug issues, Portland decided in 2021 to partially reinstate its police force funding, driven by residents’ escalating security concerns.

However, the underlying issues have proven to be stubbornly persistent. Despite dedicated efforts to redirect resources toward relief initiatives, the situation, from many perspectives, seems to be intensifying, leaving many residents pondering alternative safety solutions.

In the past, dialing 911 would seamlessly redirect callers to the appropriate department, allowing dispatchers to move efficiently to the next emergency. However, with the current challenges these liberal cities faces, reminiscent of the chaos depicted in ‘Escape from New York,’ the 911 services no longer have that ease of operation. Many callers, even in less urgent situations, are consumed by fear and uncertainty, especially if they’re encountering such a situation for the first time. It’s hardly surprising, given that from a young age, society has instilled in us the mantra: “If in danger, call 911.”

Self-defense tools are quickly becoming essential items for many Portland citizens. You are your own first responder. With the commissioner’s announcement highlighting potential response delays, the spotlight has inevitably fallen on personal self-defense options. Pepper spray, for instance, offers an effective, non-lethal method of deterrence. Compact and easy to use, it provides individuals with a momentary advantage, allowing them to thwart potential threats and seek safety.

Stun guns, too, are seeing a rise in popularity. These devices deliver a temporary incapacitating electric shock, granting potential victims precious seconds to escape harm and alert authorities. With advancements in technology, many of these stun guns now come integrated with flashlight functionalities, adding an additional layer of safety during nighttime or in poorly lit environments.

Furthermore, other self-defense tools like personal alarms, which emit piercing sounds to deter assailants and draw attention, or tactical pens, which can be used both for writing and self-defense, have found their way into the safety arsenals of many Portland residents.

Amidst this backdrop, the public safety commissioner’s announcement casts a spotlight on an increasingly critical discourse: the imperative for self-reliance in personal safety. It underscores a growing sentiment among some residents: in the absence of immediate intervention from law enforcement, they may need to resort to their Second Amendment rights and non-lethal self-defense tools.

The narrative unfolding in Portland serves as a clarion call for both individuals and communities. It emphasizes the paramount importance of being equipped and prepared. While relying on public safety entities remains essential, the current climate underscores a simple, sobering truth: in uncertain times, personal preparedness and self-defense tools may well be the immediate difference between vulnerability and safety.

As always, be safe and be prepared.


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