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Recently, there has been an uptick in criminal activities in Oakland, California, creating significant concerns and alarm among local law enforcement and residents. The police force faces substantial challenges in managing the surge in criminal incidents due to a shortage of police personnel and laws that hinder their effectiveness. Furthermore, the state of California is known to have stringent laws on the Second Amendment, which makes it almost impossible for residents to protect themselves.

129dB Self-Defense Air HornThe situation has become so severe that the Oakland police have resorted to advising locals to carry air horns to scare off criminals. Additionally, they urge homeowners to install security bars or alarms on their windows and doors to enhance their security and prevent break-ins. Unfortunately, residents feel understandably trapped in a soft-on-crime, Democrat-led city that has become a crime-ridden cesspool. The situation has become dire, and the local authorities should act swiftly to address the crime wave and restore peace, safety, and security to the citizens of Oakland.

The recommendation comes as Oakland is experiencing a crime spike. In the past year, the city has seen a 15% increase in violent crime and a 40% increase in property crime.

Police say air horns are a safe and effective way to deter crime. They are not lethal, and they can be used from a distance. Air horns can also signal for help if you are being attacked.

The department is also recommending that residents take other precautions to stay safe, such as:


The department says that it is committed to keeping Oakland safe and encourages residents to use all available resources to protect themselves.

Here are some additional thoughts on the use of air horns to deter crime:

  • Air horns are a loud, attention-grabbing noise that can startle criminals and make them think twice about attacking someone.
  • Air horns are relatively inexpensive and easy to find.
  • Air horns are not lethal, so they can be used without fear of harming the attacker.
  • Air horns can be used from a distance, so you don’t have to be near the attacker to use them.


If you are considering carrying an air horn for self-defense, it is essential to make sure you choose one loud enough to be effective. It would also be best to practice using the air horn to deploy it quickly and easily in an emergency.

It is also important to note that air horns are not a foolproof way to deter crime. If a criminal is determined to attack you, they may not be deterred by an air horn. However, air horns can be a valuable tool for self-defense, and they may help scare off criminals looking for an easy target.

Other Self-Defense Options

One important thing to remember when it comes to personal protection is that there are a variety of self-defense devices at your disposal. Considering the usefulness of more traditional instruments such as pepper spray and stun guns is important. These devices have stood the test of time for a good reason: they are reliable and effective.

Pepper spray, for example, can quickly incapacitate an attacker, giving you the necessary time to escape to safety. Similarly, stun guns or stun batons provide a powerful, non-lethal electric shock that can quickly disable an assailant. So, when considering your options for personal protection, it’s wise to keep these tried-and-true devices in mind. Firearms are also one of the best options if you are able to get through all of the red tape. One of the best quotes on Twitter that I saw was, “I don’t have an air horn but my Glock 30 [.45 cal] is pretty loud.” Yes, yes it is.

The crime spike in Oakland is part of a more significant trend of rising crime in major cities across the United States. Police departments are struggling to keep up with the increase in crime and are looking for new ways to deter criminals. Air horns are one of the latest suggestions that police are using to fight crime, much to the mockery of fed-up citizens citing horribly failed leadership.

If you are looking for an extremely loud air horn, we have 129dB Self-Defense Air Horns, as well as a full line of other personal alarms, pepper sprays, Mace, stun guns, and all sorts of other self-defense weapons.

As always, be safe and be prepared.


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