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Stream, fogger, gel… you can get pepper spray in many varieties. You can get 1/2 ounce keychains, 2, 4, 9, and 16 oz. canisters, pepper spray jogging models, police models, and even a Mace pepper gun.

All of our pepper spray and Mace products are specially formulated for self-defense use as an inflammatory agent against humans. Pepper spray will cause coughing, choking, and nausea in the target. It dilates their eye capillaries, which in turn will cause temporary blindness. The target’s mucous membranes will swell to cause all but life-support breathing from functioning properly. This will render an assailant temporarily incapacitated and hating their current life choices. A mere one-second burst of pepper spray can be enough to dissuade an attacker for up to 45 minutes, without any permanent damage.

If you need to protect yourself from aggressive dogs, we have Mace Muzzle pepper spray specially formulated for canines. If encountering wild bears while hiking or camping in the woods is your concern, we have specially formulated Guard Alaska Bear Mace for that.

But what about any number of other possible attackers?

So far we covered humans, dogs, and bears. What about other dangerous wild animals, such as cougars, coyotes, mountain lions, puma, panthers, wolves, … I don’t know… how about dingos?

You would be hard-pressed to find a canister of “Coyote Pepper Spray”, or “Mountain Lion Mace”. That being said, let’s call a spade a spade, and call pepper spray, pepper spray.

Just about any of these Mace or pepper spray products will work against any variety of animals, as long as you spray them in the face. These animals all have very sensitive noses and a very acute sense of smell. Inflammatory agents such as Mace or pepper spray will wreak havoc on any of their eyes and noses.

Of course, bear pepper spray has a unique and powerful deployment to quickly cover a wide area of OC fog up to 25-30 feet away. You will want to be kept at as much distance as possible between you and a Bear. Typically, they lumber loudly enough through the woods to give you a small warning. Bear sprays are also typically slightly hotter than human pepper spray with a 20% concentration, as opposed to the 10-18% concentrations of Mace, Pepper Shot, and Wildfire pepper spray.

However, if you happen to spray a human with bear pepper spray, you can be assured they will quickly be hating life.

If you are walking through your neighborhood carrying Mace Muzzle Canine Spray and are surprised by a mugger, whatever. Dog spray, human pepper spray, let him have it.

If you are jogging down the street carrying a Wildfire pepper spray keychain formulated for humans and you are approached by a vicious dog, again let him have it. Same with a mountain lion, coyote, or dingo. Pepper spray is equal opportunity, and species-independent for the most part.

Ninja Cat Attacks

Inherently you may have another problem with attacks by large cats. Mountain lions, cougars, puma, and panthers are stealthy and quick. You will be quietly stalked without your knowledge most of the time. Like a ninja, or ninja cat. You will probably not know that are in danger until the last possible moment.  Then the animal pounces.

These large ninja cats also share the art of assassination with their black-clad human counterparts. Mountain lions and other feline assassins will target your head or neck from behind. They are quite literally aiming for your jugular, or attempting to break your spine. You may never get the opportunity to pepper spray them in advance.

If you can get a fair warning, you may be able to persuade one of these animals to call off an attack. Mountain lions are fully aware that they are only 100-120 pounds, and an average adult male will outweigh him. But due to the cat’s superior speed, sharp claws, and vicious teeth, he will likely take its chances. 

If you can see the mountain lion before it attacks, stand as tall as possible and stick out your arms to appear even larger. Yell loudly and aggressively, attempting to throw objects such as rocks and sticks. 

But whatever you do, do NOT turn your back on him and try to run. I promise you it will beat you in a foot race. He has twice the amount of feet than you do. If anything, attempt to threaten and scare off the animal. Try to fake it out by advancing toward it, slightly, but not too close. All the while, have your pepper spray ready to deploy if the animal gets in range.

In the unfortunate event you are attacked unexpectedly, FIGHT BACK, just as if it were a human assailant. If you are able to fight back hard enough, the cat may decide you are not worth the trouble. Even if you are only able to resist for a short period, make them work for it. If you are carrying a stun baton, this may also be helpful at very close range.

Unfortunately, your pet dog may or may not be the best defender in these situations and might attract these dangerous animals in the first place. Children are also attractive targets, as the mountain lion may be bigger than they are and be less cautious approaching. Make sure you use extreme caution and vigilance when hiking in known lion country, with or without your kids. Stay in groups, pay attention, and always, always be on the lookout.

As always, be safe and be prepared.


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