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Rising Dog Attacks on Mail Carriers: 2023 Sees Nearly 6,000 Incidents

It’s been a challenging year for the nation’s mail carriers. In 2023, a staggering 5,800 postal workers were attacked by dogs, marking an increase of about 500 incidents compared to the previous year, according to the latest United States Postal Service (USPS) rankings. “Letter carriers are exposed to potential hazards every day, none more prevalent […]

Is Dog Pepper Spray Effective on Humans?

Dog pepper spray is formulated with a lower concentration of OC pepper, making it less potent than pepper spray designed for humans. While it’s primarily intended to safely incapacitate aggressive dogs, its milder formulation can still cause discomfort in humans. However, you shouldn’t rely on it as your first line of defense against human attackers. It’s not as effective […]

Brave Encounter: Everett Man Fends Off Coyote to Save His Pet Dog

In a startling encounter that has put the community of Everett, Massachusetts on high alert, a local man, James Marquadeo, heroically fought off a coyote to save his small dog. The incident, which occurred on the morning of Thursday, January 4, 2023, on Westover Street, has prompted police to issue a warning to all pet […]

Remember McGruff the Crime Dog?

McGruff, the Crime Dog, is a fictional character created by the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) in 1980. He is a brown, scruffy dog with a trench coat and sunglasses, and his catchphrase is “Take a Bite Out of Crime.” Jack Keil, a writer, and artist for the NCPC, created McGruff. Keil was inspired by […]

Using Pepper Spray on Dogs, Lions, Tigers, and Bears

Stream, fogger, gel… you can get pepper spray in many varieties. You can get 1/2 ounce keychains, 2, 4, 9, and 16 oz. canisters, pepper spray jogging models, police models, and even a Mace pepper gun. All of our pepper spray and Mace products are specially formulated for self-defense use as an inflammatory agent against […]

Dogs for Home Protection and Security

Throughout history, canines have played a critical role in safeguarding our homes. Dogs by nature are inclined to be protective which makes them an exceptional choice for home protection. Their devotion and loyalty to their owners make them ideal pets, and it translates into an unwavering commitment to secure their owners’ abodes. They have a […]