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Rudy Noorlander

After a harrowing five-week medical odyssey in a Utah hospital, Rudy Noorlander, a Montana man who sustained a severe grizzly bear attack, is set to return home. The attack cost Noorlander the front part of his lower jaw, a traumatic experience he and his family shared in a recent news conference at the University of Utah hospital.

The Road to Recovery: Small Victories and Hopes for Normalcy

Communicating largely through a whiteboard due to the limitations of his injuries, Noorlander expressed his excitement for some of the simple joys in life. Among them, enjoying a root beer float and reuniting with his Yorkshire terrier, Sully. An avid outdoorsman, Noorlander also hopes to return to nature soon. On a lighter note, he humorously mentioned his newfound disdain for the University of Montana, home to the Montana Grizzlies—the mascot and rival team of his much-beloved Montana State Bobcats.

The Role of Family: Love and Support During Trying Times

His adult daughters, Ashley Noorlander and Katelynn Noorlander Davis, joined him for the emotional press conference. Davis read a statement from her father, thanking everyone—from friends to strangers—for their outpouring of love, prayers, and kindness. Noorlander described himself as feeling “blessed” and looked forward to the day when he’d be “a free-range chicken,” unattached to medical equipment.

From Tragedy to Resilience: Medical Miracles and Determination

On the medical front, Noorlander has undergone significant treatment to regain his health. Dr. Hilary McCrary, his surgeon, reported that his jaw and lower lip were successfully reconstructed in a 10-hour surgery that employed bone from his lower leg and transplanted skin. Dental implants were also part of the procedure. Noorlander’s unwavering will to recover has astounded his medical team, according to Dr. McCrary.

The Fateful Day: A Grizzly Encounter in Big Sky Country

The bear attack occurred on September 8, 2023, near Big Sky, Montana, when Noorlander and two companions were tracking a wounded deer. The rapid onset of the bear left him no time to deploy bear spray, and a gun misfire further compromised his defense. A long, treacherous journey ensued, involving a tracheostomy in Bozeman and an eventual airlift to Utah for specialized care.

A Story of Faith and Purpose: Why Noorlander Wants His Story Told

When asked why he wished to share his story, Noorlander responded, “Only by the hands of God am I here.” He believes that his harrowing experience could potentially serve as an inspiration for others facing similar adversity. He expressed relief that he was the victim of the attack, sparing four older hikers he had encountered on the trail earlier that day.

A Glimpse of the Future: Looking Ahead

Though Noorlander refrained from discussing the specifics of the attack – hinting at a possible future book and expressing hopes for a movie adaptation starring actor Cole Hauser from the “Yellowstone” television series playing him. He is undergoing speech therapy and has a small remaining wound that is closely monitored to avoid infection.

Final Preparations: A Root Beer Float and A Fresh Start

As doctors are working to prepare him for eating solid food, Dr. McCrary hinted at a special treat awaiting him: a root beer float. It’s a small but significant gesture, symbolizing the regained freedom and renewed life that Noorlander and his family eagerly anticipate as he prepares to go home on Monday.

The tale of Rudy Noorlander serves as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, the marvels of modern medicine, and the profound impact of community support. With his relentless spirit and the support of his loved ones, Noorlander faces a future not defined by his tragedy but by his triumph over it.

A Word on Wilderness Safety: Coexisting with Bears

While Noorlander’s story serves as an inspiration, it also stands as a stark reminder of the realities of sharing natural habitats with wildlife. Bears are no joke. For those venturing into bear country, taking precautionary measures is essential. Experts recommend carrying bear spray and understanding how to use it effectively. Noise is also your ally; talking loudly or clapping occasionally can alert bears to your presence, reducing the likelihood of a surprise encounter.

It’s crucial to store food and scented items properly to avoid attracting bears to your campsite. Additionally, learning how to identify bear tracks and scat can provide valuable information about bear activity in the area. Should you encounter a bear, it’s generally advised to speak in a calm, assertive voice, avoid eye contact—which can be perceived as a threat—and slowly back away. Running may trigger a chase response.

Being informed and prepared not only protects you but also respects the natural balance of these majestic creatures in their environment. Taking the necessary precautions can make all the difference in ensuring that both humans and bears coexist safely in shared spaces.

As always, be safe and be prepared.


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