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Grizzly bear Idaho

In the dense forests of Henrys Lake State Park, what started as an elk hunt turned into a life-or-death situation involving a grizzly bear on September 30, 2023. As the Idaho Fish and Games Department reported, an unexpected encounter between a hunter and a grizzly bear ended in the latter’s demise.

Navigating through the thick timberland, the hunter was startled when a fully grown female grizzly bear suddenly emerged from the nearby brush, mere feet from him. In the intense moments that followed, he shouted a warning to his hunting partner, alerting them of the imminent danger. Unfortunately, this also agitated the bear, prompting it to charge him with alarming speed.

Thinking quickly, the hunter drew his sidearm, firing multiple rounds that ultimately stopped the bear in its tracks moments before a potentially deadly confrontation. No humans were harmed in this incident; the bear, however, did not survive.

Recognizing the situation’s gravity and the grizzly bears’ protected status, the hunter promptly reported the incident to the Citizens Against Poaching hotline. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game quickly responded, launching a thorough investigation. After careful consideration, they determined that the hunter’s actions were justified, labeling the incident as a “surprise encounter.”

It’s important to note that grizzly bears, magnificent creatures native to the northern and eastern parts of Idaho, especially around the Yellowstone National Park vicinity, are protected by both State and Federal laws. It’s illegal to intentionally harm or kill these bears in Idaho unless one’s life is directly threatened.

Grizzly bears thrive in forests interspersed with meadows and grasslands, as Idaho Game and Fish highlighted.

Staying Safe while Hunting in Grizzly Lands

The Idaho Fish and Game Department emphasizes the importance of safety for those hunting in areas inhabited by grizzlies:

  • Always have bear spray on hand and ensure it’s within easy reach.
  • It’s safer to hunt in groups. Maintain open communication and keep each other informed about movements and plans.
  • Stay vigilant for signs of grizzly bears, such as fresh tracks.
  • If you’ve made a kill, retrieve the meat promptly.
  • Ensure that meat, food, and garbage are stored securely, preferably hung at least 10 feet above the ground and 200 yards away from camping sites.
  • When not actively hunting, make your presence known, particularly near water sources and dense vegetation. Most bear attacks result from unintentionally surprising these magnificent creatures at close quarters.


In the vast wilderness of Idaho, nature’s unpredictability reminds us of the delicate balance between man and wildlife. The recent encounter between the hunter and the grizzly bear underscores the importance of preparation, awareness, and respect for the environment and its inhabitants. As we venture into the territories of these magnificent creatures, it becomes our responsibility to tread with caution, armed not just with weapons but with knowledge and understanding. By doing so, we can coexist harmoniously, preserving the beauty and sanctity of nature while ensuring our own safety.

As always, be safe and be prepared.


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