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coyote in Everett

In a startling encounter that has put the community of Everett, Massachusetts on high alert, a local man, James Marquadeo, heroically fought off a coyote to save his small dog. The incident, which occurred on the morning of Thursday, January 4, 2023, on Westover Street, has prompted police to issue a warning to all pet owners in the area.

Marquadeo’s quick thinking and bravery were put to the test when a wild coyote suddenly attacked his beloved pet. Armed with nothing but a broom, Marquadeo confronted the predator in a desperate bid to protect his dog. “There was a broom sitting right there, cause I was sweeping the deck, and I grabbed that thing and I whacked him,” he recounted. Despite the ferocity of the attack, Marquadeo’s determined defense and loud screams were enough to drive the coyote away after several strikes.

This alarming incident serves as a stark reminder of the wildlife challenges facing suburban and urban areas. The Everett Police Department is urging all pet owners to remain vigilant, especially when their pets are outdoors. To further enhance safety in light of this and similar incidents, the following safety tips are advised for pet owners:

  1. Supervised Outdoor Time: Always supervise your pets when they are outside, especially during dawn and dusk when coyotes are most active.
  2. Secure Your Yard: Ensure that your yard is securely fenced. Consider coyote-proof fencing as an additional measure of protection.
  3. Keep Pets on a Leash: When walking your pets, keep them on a leash, particularly in areas where wildlife is known to be present.
  4. Remove Attractants: Avoid attracting wild animals by securing garbage cans, removing food sources, and clearing fallen fruit or birdseed from your yard.
  5. Be Loud and Large: If you encounter a coyote, make yourself appear larger and make loud noises to scare it away.
  6. Carry a Deterrent: Consider carrying a noise-making device (such as a personal alarm or air horn) or a deterrent spray when walking in areas where wildlife encounters are possible.
  7. Educate Your Neighbors: Share information with your neighbors to ensure community-wide vigilance and safety measures.


James Marquadeo’s courageous response to a dangerous situation highlights the importance of being prepared for unexpected wildlife encounters. By following these safety tips, pet owners can better protect their furry companions from potential threats in their own backyards.

As always, be safe and be prepared.


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