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One of the most common categories of self-defense articles revolves around providing “safety tips and tricks” for individuals to protect themselves in potentially dangerous situations. Interestingly, such pieces are often geared towards women, perhaps indicating that they are more often the target of attacks.

However, these tips often come in the form of bite-size tidbits of information that are easily digestible and actionable without requiring a significant investment of time and effort. This easily identifiable format makes it easier for individuals to retain and utilize the knowledge, which is certainly a helpful quality.

After all, the goal is to provide individuals with the tools they need to stay safe and protect themselves from harm, and providing actionable advice is a great way to do just that.

Just the tip.

Personal security is an issue that concerns everyone, especially women. With the rise in crime rates, it is common for individuals to seek tips on how to stay safe. However, while these tips may be well-intentioned, they can actually do more harm than good. This is because they only provide a shallow means of approaching the issue, and do not equip individuals with proper knowledge and skills to protect themselves. Follow-through is important.

For instance, telling a woman to hold her keys in her hand as a weapon may give her a false sense of security. It does not necessarily help her avoid potentially dangerous situations or recognize the warning signs of a looming attack. Furthermore, it does not instill the necessary mental and physical readiness to defend herself. Therefore, rather than relying solely on surface-level advice, it is crucial to seek out comprehensive, practical training that covers both prevention and response strategies.

Not too long ago, the most popular piece of advice given to women as a safety measure was to have a small can of pepper spray attached to their keyring. This small canister was usually protected by a cute leather holder. While it is always suggested to have pepper spray on hand, there was often no additional guidance provided. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much discussion on how to use it safely and effectively. Nor was there any explanation given regarding its dispersion pattern, let alone the strengths or limitations it had.

As a result, many women ended up with an untested canister of pepper spray rolling around on the bottom of their bag, never once practicing with it. Worst yet, it was nowhere near readily available to deploy at a moment’s notice. This was a situation that I’ve seen more than a few women end up in, and it’s concerning given the importance of having reliable safety measures when out and about.

An important aspect of owning any self-defense weapon or firearm, it should never be taken lightly. It is important to understand that pepper spray, stun guns, and firearms are not toys. They are self-defense weapons that require proper handling and training. It is not enough to simply purchase Mace Defensive Spray or a stun gun and leave it in the car without proper training. It could potentially lead to accidents, misuse or not having it available when you need it.

Though it may seem like a hassle, investing time in training and practice will ultimately give you the skills and confidence needed to handle self-defense tools with safety and precision. The time investment and any cost of proper training is worthwhile for your own safety and the safety of those around you. So, whether you are a man or a woman, I strongly urge you to take your safety and security seriously and ensure that you are properly trained to handle and use your self-defense weapon.

You get a tip, and you get a tip!

The message expressed above points out that some security tips lack the necessary information to be practical. For instance, one of the most commonly given security tips states that one should always be aware of their surroundings. However, this tip is often vague and does not provide the necessary guidelines or directions to follow. Without proper guidance, it is challenging to understand how to carry out this instruction correctly. What really constitutes being aware of your environment? What do you need to look for? How do you recognize particular markers of danger or safety?

Without explicit directions, users are inclined to forget the advice quickly and never integrate it as part of their daily routine. It is, therefore, crucial to provide practical examples and clear explanations when giving security tips. This approach will not only increase user comprehension but also ensure that they can apply these tips in their daily lives. Check out our “Be Aware of Your Surroundings” article for a deeper dive into this concept.

As someone interested in self-defense, it’s important to understand that the tips you receive are just one piece of a larger puzzle. While they can certainly be helpful, they should not be seen as a substitute for thorough preparation and training. It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of thinking that simply reading a few articles or watching a few videos is enough to fully prepare you to defend yourself in a real-life situation.

However, without proper practice and reinforcement, that information is likely to fade from memory when you need it most. So, by all means, read up on different self-defense tactics and strategies, but remember that there is no substitute for ongoing practice, training, and preparation. By taking a well-rounded approach, you can feel confident that you are truly ready for any situation that may arise.

Safety Tips Reality Check

Keeping people safe is a top priority. Bite-sized tips can indeed be very helpful in this regard. They are short, easy to remember, and can be disseminated quickly to reach a lot of people. As much as I would love to provide quick-fix solutions or a couple of short sentences that would forever keep evil and accidents away from your life, the truth is, ensuring personal security requires much more knowledge than that. Individuals must take the time to educate themselves on the various aspects of personal security to effectively protect themselves and their loved ones from any potential harm.

While I completely understand that not everyone has the same level of knowledge on the topic, as a security professional, I believe that I must help people understand the reasons behind certain measures or practices. It is only by understanding the underlying principles of personal security measures that one can truly implement them in an effective and meaningful way.

Therefore, my intention is not just to provide you with the “what,” but also to help you understand the “why.” I firmly believe that this holistic approach is the key to achieving true security.

To effectively ensure your personal security in the world we live in, it’s essential for you to play an active role. This doesn’t necessarily mean dedicating every spare moment to rigorous tactical training. In fact, as I’ve emphasized many times before, that approach may actually work against you in achieving your goals. On the other hand, simply skimming through a few tips in a blog article won’t quite cut it either.

In truth, it’ll require some degree of commitment, and a willingness to work out a plan that fits your circumstances. By doing so, you’ll be taking the first step towards achieving a safer and more secure personal environment. Safety tips are great, as long as you take action to learn how to physically perform said tips, and actually apply the knowledge into useful practice routines.

As always, be safe and be prepared.


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