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The Safety Illusion: Why Feeling Safe Isn’t Always Being Safe

The Perils of a False Sense of Security The concept of a false sense of security is a critical yet often overlooked aspect of personal safety. In a world brimming with uncertainties and potential dangers, many of us find solace in the belief that we are safe and protected. However, this comforting belief can sometimes […]

The Case for Consistent Carry: Why Every Day Should Be an EDC Day

During self-defense classes, I often ask how frequently attendees intend to carry a self-defense tool like pepper spray, a stun gun, a pocket knife, or a firearm. The most popular answer, predictably, is “as often and wherever I can.” For many of us, the Every Day Carry (EDC) concept is so ingrained that it has […]

Runt Stun Gun with Flashlight: A Must-Have for Women’s Self-Defense

If you’re a woman concerned about your safety, you’re not alone – many women feel anxious and vulnerable when out by themselves, or in unfamiliar areas. Thankfully, there’s a great solution out there for women who want to feel more empowered and more secure: the Runt 80 Million volt Rechargeable Stun Gun with Flashlight. This […]

“When the Time Comes That You Must Defend all That You Cherish…”

The quote, “When the time comes that you must defend all that you cherish, you will wish you had trained for the worst,” is a powerful reminder that we should never take our safety or security for granted. Preparing for the worst is essential, even if we hope for the best. There are many ways […]

Chicago Group Asks Gangs to Stop Shooting During the Day

A community group in Chicago is asking gang members to refrain from shootings during the daytime. The group called the Native Sons, is from the Rogers Park neighborhood, where a gang war between the Gangster Disciples and Black P Stones is believed to have been reignited. After three men were shot in the uptown area, […]

Will Self-Defense Training Become Mandatory for Flight Attendants?

It is rather unfortunate to note that the global health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has not only led to an overall increase in tension and anxiety but has also contributed to the rising levels of violence and aggression on airplane flights. This concerning trend has been observed and corroborated by several airlines and […]

Living in Condition Yellow

Jeff Cooper, a celebrated firearms instructor, developed a color code system that serves as an essential tool for assessing and improving situational awareness. By dividing awareness into five levels, it helps individuals identify threats and respond appropriately in potentially dangerous situations. Each color, namely white, yellow, orange, red, and black, depicts a distinct level of […]

Raising Kids: Should They Be Tough, Polite, Scrappy, Gentle?

When it comes to raising children, one of the age-old debates that have been going on for generations is whether parents should instill a sense of toughness and scrappiness or focus more on politeness and being gentle. Each approach has its inherent benefits and drawbacks that must be considered. Some argue that children today must […]

Stun Guns and Loaded Firearms Found in Carry-On Luggage at CT Airports

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers recently found a stun gun and a loaded firearm in carry-on luggage at Bradley International Airport and Tweed New Haven Airport. On August 9, TSA officers at Bradley International Airport found a stun gun in a woman’s handbag during a security screening. Connecticut State Police confiscated the stun gun. The […]

Miss Arkansas Promotes Free Self-Defense Class for Teachers

Miss Arkansas USA Mackenzie Hinderberger partnered with Fayetteville Krav Maga Self-Defense to offer a free self-defense class for teachers before the new school year. The class was held on Friday, August 11 and was open to any educator who teaches Kindergarten through 12th grade. “School safety should be a top priority, and one of those […]