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Can Bear Spray Kill a Bear?

You’re likely familiar with the concept of bear spray as a deterrent, but have you ever wondered if it could actually kill a bear? Designed to protect both you and the animal, bear spray causes temporary discomfort to stop a bear in its tracks, not to inflict lethal harm. However, the question remains: under what […]

Can Bear Spray Be Used on Mountain Lions?

If you’re venturing into areas where mountain lions roam, you’ve likely wondered if bear spray can offer you protection. While it’s specifically designed to deter bears, its effectiveness on mountain lions cannot be overlooked. The key lies in its active ingredient, oleoresin capsaicin, which can create an immediate and intense deterrent effect on these large predators. However, knowing how to use it […]

Can Bear Spray Hurt Humans?

You might think bear spray is just for bears, but did you know it can also pose significant risks to humans? When used improperly, the capsaicin that makes bear spray so vital against wildlife can cause severe irritation to your skin, eyes, and respiratory system. While it’s a necessary tool for outdoor safety, mishandling bear spray could lead to painful consequences or […]

Swiss Tourist’s Harrowing Escape from Bear Attack by Amputating His Own Arm

In a shocking incident of survival, Stefan Claudio Specogna, a Swiss tourist, was forced to amputate his own arm to escape from the jaws of an Asian black bear at a wildlife sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The 32-year-old found himself in a life-threatening situation while feeding the bear, leading to a desperate measure that […]

Bear Alert! The Rising Tide of Bear Encounters in Japan and How to Stay Safe

In recent times, Japan has been grappling with a surge in bear attacks, reaching unprecedented levels. The period from April to November of 2023 witnessed a startling 193 bear attacks, as reported by the country’s Environment Ministry. This spate of incidents, which affected 212 individuals and tragically claimed six lives, marks a new peak since […]

Close Call in Idaho: Hunter’s Life-Saving Decision in Grizzly Territory

In the dense forests of Henrys Lake State Park, what started as an elk hunt turned into a life-or-death situation involving a grizzly bear on September 30, 2023. As the Idaho Fish and Games Department reported, an unexpected encounter between a hunter and a grizzly bear ended in the latter’s demise. Navigating through the thick […]

How to Use Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Against a Bear

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Against Bears Wait for the bear to make a move When it attacks, duck and shoot in Take its back It won’t be able to reach you with its short arms Go for a rear-naked choke When the bear passes out, it will fall forward, you did it! Now snap out of […]

Forest Safety: Packing Bullets or Bear Spray?

The debate between bullets and bear spray as a means of protection is intriguing. At face value, the answer seems obvious. Guns are designed to inflict harm and kill, while pepper spray offers a non-lethal form of self-defense. However, the decision regarding an encounter with a bear requires some more examination.  Self-defense against grizzly bears […]

Bear Safety and the Use of Bear Pepper Spray

Bears are large, powerful animals that can be dangerous if they feel threatened. If you are planning on spending time in bear country, it is important to be aware of bear safety and to take precautions to avoid an encounter. If you are ever caught there without bear pepper spray, you may have made a […]