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I just recently opened the website Black Belt Defender, but I used to sell all of these self-defense products many years back on a different site. Now that I am getting back into the swing of things, I am recalling a funny story of what I fondly referred to as “That Shady Parking Lot Pepper Spray Deal”.

One morning I was walking through the aisle between cubes at my day job. A co-worker of mine saw me and waved me over to him.

The Set Up

“Hey… Hey man…” he whispered.

Slightly confused, but playing along, I whispered back “Hey, What’s up?”

He then looked back and forth cautiously, lowered his head and voice, and whispered even quieter “So, do you still sell any of those self-defense products?”

Since he was still acting odd, I continued to play along, so I looked side to side and whispered back “Yeah man, but why are we whispering?”

He ignored my question but continued “You think I should buy something like a thing of pepper spray? For my wife?”

Of course, I thought he should, but I replied “I don’t know, do you think your wife needs you to buy her pepper spray?” And yes, I was still humoring him and whispering.

He answered his question by whispering back “Yeah, sometimes she works late. Sometimes she stops off at the grocery store or gym. I really don’t like it when she walks alone in the empty parking lot at night.” At least I was pretty sure that’s what he said. I was starting to get annoyed straining to hear him whisper over the other normal volume of office chatter.

I wished I was wearing a long black trench coat. We were acting so shady and secretive, it felt like we were doing a drug deal. I wanted to look around carefully and open up the coat, revealing my wares like they were fake Rolex watches. At this point, I would have pulled out my smartphone and let him look at the webpage on my phone, but I had let the battery run out overnight and left it in my car charging.

The Deal

I also assumed he wouldn’t be comfortable going over to his work computer to browse my website, since he was already nervous. So I suggested that I could “hook him up” during lunch if he wanted to meet me at my car. There we go again sounding like a drug dealer. No wonder we were whispering and peering around…

I handed him a catalog when we got out to my car, and I was able to show him a couple of things I had on hand. He picked out a few things and then wanted another couple of items he wanted to order.

“I don’t have any cash on me, are you able to take credit cards at all? he asked. Finally not whispering.

At this point, I felt it necessary to point out the fact that these products were 100% LEGAL in our state (yours may differ slightly) and we didn’t need to whisper around about it like he was looking to score some pot. Secondly, I did in fact have a legitimate business. You know, that can take cash, personal checks, and any major credit cards.

He laughed and said he wasn’t exactly sure but definitely wanted some items to protect himself and his wife.

“Oh, so this isn’t just for your wife who works late?” was what I wanted to ask. But I figured this whole ordeal was probably enough for him. A lecture about “how you are not less of a man for carrying self-defense products” could wait until next time.

It's Not a Bad Thing

This incident highlighted a common misconception that self-defense products are only for the meek. Both men and women alike can benefit from having pepper spray, stun guns, or any other available self-defense weapons. These products can be used to deter or stop an attacker, and they can give you the upper hand in a dangerous situation. They are also relatively inexpensive and easy to use, making them a valuable addition to your safety toolkit.

It is important to note that self-defense products are not a guarantee of safety. However, they can give you a fighting chance in a dangerous situation. If you are considering purchasing a self-defense product, be sure to do your research and choose one that is right for you.

Remember that older TV show Dogg the Bounty Hunter? He was a rough and tough man who always packed a can of Mace defensive spray or a telescopic steel baton. Of course, he was willingly putting himself into harm’s way regularly, so it makes sense that he would want to make sure he has an advantage.

Police officers are also trained to carry a firearm, pepper spray, TASER device, or some form of expandable baton or billy club with them at all times while on duty (and probably a couple of those items when he is off-duty). This is because they are often in dangerous situations and need to be able to protect themselves and others.

Even if you are an average citizen, you may find yourself in a dangerous situation where you need to defend yourself or a loved one. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so it is a good idea to carry some form of self-defense with you.

As always, be safe, and be prepared.

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