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steel baton“Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far” is an aphorism often attributed to Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States. The phrase means it is best to be diplomatic and non-aggressive but to be prepared to use force if necessary.

The phrase is thought to have originated in a West African proverb, but Roosevelt first used it in a speech in 1901. He used it several times, becoming a catchphrase for his foreign policy.

Roosevelt’s big stick diplomacy was based on the idea that the United States should be prepared to use military force to protect its interests, but that it should also use diplomacy and negotiation to avoid conflict. This approach was successful in several cases, such as the Russo-Japanese War and the construction of the Panama Canal.

The phrase “speak softly and carry a big stick” is still used today to describe a diplomatic approach backed by a strong military. It is a reminder that peace is often best achieved through strength and resolve.

More Modern Big Sticks

Expandable batons, also called telescopic steel batons, are a popular self-defense tool for several reasons. They are compact and easy to carry, making them a good option for everyday carry. They are also relatively inexpensive, making them a more affordable option than other self-defense weapons.

Expandable batons are also effective in self-defense. They can be used to strike an attacker in a variety of areas, including the head, torso, and limbs. The baton’s rugged, solid construction can cause significant pain and injury to an attacker, making them a deterrent to further violence.

However, there are also some drawbacks to using expandable batons for self-defense. They can be challenging to deploy quickly, especially if you are not used to using them. An attacker may disarm you, so knowing how to use them effectively is essential. But like any self-defense weapon, these cons can be mitigated with training and practice.

Overall, expandable batons can be a good option for self-defense. However, weighing the pros and cons before deciding if they are the right tool for you is important.

Here are some additional things to consider when choosing an expandable baton for self-defense:

  • Length: The length of the baton will affect its versatility. A longer baton will give you more reach, but it will also be more difficult to conceal.
  • Weight: The weight of the baton will affect its handling. A heavier baton will be more powerful, but it will also be more difficult to swing.
  • Material: The material of the baton will affect its durability and performance. Steel batons are the most durable and preferred but also the heaviest. Aluminum batons are lighter, but they are not as durable.
  • Grip: The grip of the baton will affect your comfort and control. A good grip will help you to maintain control of the baton during a fight.


If you are considering using an expandable baton for self-defense, training on using it effectively is essential. This training will help you learn how to deploy the baton quickly and effectively and use it to defend yourself against an attacker. Teddy Roosevelt approved.

As always, be safe and be prepared.


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