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Dansville high school

Dansville High School in New York is incorporating self-defense into its physical education curriculum in an effort to help students stay safe and confident. The program, which is sponsored by the Foundation for Dansville Education, is designed to teach students practical skills and knowledge to navigate challenging situations.

Taught by Jennifer Smith and Eric Buchak of Empower Martial Arts in Geneseo, they cover a variety of topics, including physical self-defense, conflict resolution, and awareness and prevention techniques. Smith and Buchak have over 20 years of experience teaching self-defense, and they have developed a curriculum that is tailored to the needs of high school students.

Students in the program learn how to identify potential threats, avoid dangerous situations, and defend themselves if necessary. They also learn about the importance of communication, teamwork, and respect.

The program has been well-received by students and parents alike. Students say that they feel more confident and prepared to handle themselves in a dangerous situation. Parents appreciate the fact that the program is teaching their children valuable life skills.

The Dansville High School self-defense program is a great example of how physical education can be used to teach students more than just physical fitness. The program is helping students develop the skills they need to stay safe and confident in all aspects of their lives.

The program covers a variety of topics, including:

  • Personal safety: Students learn about personal safety strategies, such as how to avoid dangerous situations and how to escape from an attacker.
  • Self-defense techniques: Students learn a variety of self-defense techniques, including striking, grappling, and ground fighting.
  • Legal aspects of self-defense: Students learn about the legal aspects of self-defense, such as when and how it is legal to use force to defend oneself.


In addition to the physical aspects of self-defense, the program also teaches students about the importance of confidence, communication, and decision-making. Students learn how to stay calm and make good decisions in difficult situations.

Benefits of Incorporating Self-Defense into Physical Education

There are many benefits to incorporating self-defense into physical education. These benefits include:

  • Increased confidence: Self-defense can help students to feel more confident in their ability to protect themselves.
  • Improved physical fitness: Self-defense can help students to improve their physical fitness by increasing their strength, flexibility, and endurance.
  • Learned how to avoid dangerous situations: Self-defense can teach students how to avoid dangerous situations and how to escape from an attacker.
  • Learned how to make good decisions: Self-defense can teach students how to stay calm and make good decisions in difficult situations.
  • Learned how to communicate effectively: Self-defense can teach students how to communicate effectively with others, which can be helpful in a variety of situations.

Why Don't All High Schools Do This?

The self-defense program at Dansville High School is a valuable addition to the school’s physical education curriculum. The program is teaching students valuable skills that they can use to protect themselves and others. The program is still in its early stages, but it has the potential to make a significant impact on the lives of students at Dansville High School.

In today’s society, where safety concerns are mounting rapidly, young adults must learn how to protect themselves. Self-defense is not only an effective way to stay safe, but it also boosts one’s confidence, improves self-esteem, and enhances overall physical fitness. It is time for high schools across the nation to recognize the importance of self-defense and incorporate it into their physical education curriculum.

By adding self-defense classes to the physical education curriculum, students will have the opportunity to learn effective techniques that they can utilize in dangerous situations. These techniques range from basic self-defense maneuvers to advanced moves that allow for effective responses to various forms of attack. Additionally, incorporating self-defense into the curriculum promotes teamwork and develops communication skills, allowing students to work together and learn from one another.

Self-defense classes have been found to provide numerous mental health benefits, including stress reduction, increased focus and attention, and improved self-awareness. These benefits will undoubtedly help students in their academic and personal lives. Altogether, implementing self-defense into high school physical education programs will provide students with an invaluable set of skills and tools that they can use throughout their lives.

A Step Further

I would argue that a program such as this should be included in Middle School and Elementary levels as well. besides the above-mentioned training, personal alarms can be a helpful self-defense tool for kids. They emit a loud sound, which startles attackers and gives children time to escape. Personal alarms shouldn’t be the only safety measure. Kids should walk with friends, stay in well-lit areas and be aware of their surroundings.

When it comes to safety and self-defense, it is important to consider all options available to us. Although personal alarms are a great starting point, as children grow up, it is crucial to explore other self-defense options, such as pepper spray

When children are taught about self-defense options at a younger age, it can help in developing a sense of responsibility and maturity early on. This not only ensures that they understand the significance of these items but also helps to establish proper guidelines on how and when to use them.

By doing so you are educating children to recognize that self-defense items are not to be taken lightly, instilling in them an appreciation for such tools as a way to keep them safe. So, it is important to start early, educating children about such items and gradually progressing with them as they mature and become more responsible.

The best way to protect your child is to teach them about safety and good judgment.

As always, be safe and be prepared.


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