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Apocalypse SHTF

Greetings to all our survivalists, self-defense aficionados, and martial arts warriors! This November, prepare to embark on a transformative journey as we delve deep into the realm of SHTF (Shit Hits The Fan) scenarios. From the zombie-infested landscapes of “The Walking Dead” to the eerie silence of “A Quiet Place,” from the terrifying prospects of World War III to the cataclysmic forces of nature—this blog series will examine a myriad of situations where survival isn’t just a skill; it’s an art.

When Worlds Collide: What Constitutes an SHTF Scenario?

An SHTF scenario is any event that significantly disrupts the social, political, or environmental status quo, pushing individuals to their limits in a fight for survival. Here’s a snapshot of some scenarios that could thrust us into a world of chaos and survival of the fittest:

Fictional Nightmares

  • The Walking Dead: Imagine a world where the dead rise to consume the living. How do you protect yourself when your enemy could be a former friend or family member? We’ll cover topics like fortifying your location, choosing melee weapons, and psychological aspects of dealing with familiar foes turned foes.
  • A Quiet Place: Communication is key in survival, but what if speaking becomes your deadliest enemy? We will explore alternative ways of communication and how to secure a parameter with silence in mind.

Realistic Horrors

  • World War III: A geopolitical crisis could lead to a large-scale war involving nuclear and biochemical weapons. We will discuss long-term shelter planning, food storage solutions, and how to deal with other grid-down survival.
  • Natural Disasters: Hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods are increasingly common and devastating. Expect the series of articles to focus on short-term emergency kits, staying updated on weather forecasts, and making quick decisions about evacuating or hunkering down.

Recurring Themes for November’s Series

As we traverse through this mind-bending maze of catastrophic events, here are some recurring themes that we’ll touch on:

Preparedness is Key

Whether it’s making sure your pantry is stocked with long-term food supplies or having a well-structured first-aid kit, preparation is the cornerstone of survival. Our series will guide you through practical steps for a range of disaster scenarios.

Defensive Strategies

Protecting oneself and one’s family is a top priority in any SHTF scenario. Expect articles covering traps, alarms, and a showcase of self-defense weapons like pepper spray and stun guns. Additionally, we’ll discuss martial arts techniques designed to incapacitate attackers swiftly.

Mental Resilience

Survival isn’t merely physical; it’s a mental game. We will explore how to stay mentally strong under extreme conditions, from isolation to the stress of life-or-death decisions.

Ethical Choices

In the absence of established law and order, what does it mean to be ‘ethical’? We’ll have a dialogue about the challenging moral decisions one may need to make when societal norms collapse.

DIY Survival Gear

Sometimes, survival hinges on quick thinking and resourcefulness. Our series will feature creative ways to turn everyday items into valuable survival gear.

Upcoming SHTF Articles

When it comes to SHTF scenarios, preparedness and knowledge are key. Here are the 25 upcoming articles centered around SHTF topics, from survival techniques to gear recommendations that will be covered this month (to be hyperlinked as they are released):

  1. The SHTF Starter Kit: Your Lifeline When Disaster Strikes
    • A rundown of must-have items in your emergency kit for a variety of SHTF scenarios.
  2. Navigating the Apocalypse: The Cartographic Mastery You Need for SHTF Situations
    • Discussing the importance of understanding maps and terrain in SHTF situations.
  3. Bugging In vs. Bugging Out: The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Choice When SHTF Disaster Looms
    • An exploration of the pros and cons of staying put versus evacuating when disaster strikes.
  4. Preserving Food for the Long Haul: Mastering SHTF Food Storage Solutions
    • Practical tips on how to store food for long-term survival.
  5. Edible Plants: Foraging Mastery for the Ultimate SHTF Survival
    • A guide to identifying and collecting edible plants in the wild.
  6. Communication Breakdown: Mastering Crisis Comms When Every Second Counts
    • Exploring different ways to communicate when traditional methods fail.
  7. Cleanliness is Next to Godliness: Navigating Hygiene in the Wilderness When SHTF
    • Tips and tricks for maintaining hygiene during long-term outdoor survival.
  8. Invisible Warriors: The Art of Camouflage for Ultimate Survival in SHTF Scenarios
    • Techniques for effective camouflage in various environments.
  9. Concrete Jungle Tactics: Ultimate SHTF Survival Guide for City Dwellers
    • Practical tips for surviving a disaster in an urban setting.
  10. Medical Preparedness Unleashed: The Ultimate DIY First Aid Guide for SHTF Scenarios
    • How to prepare a first aid kit with items you can find or make yourself.
  11. MacGyvering the Apocalypse: Ingenious Ways to Turn Everyday Items into SHTF Survival Gear
    • Creative ways to repurpose everyday items in survival situations.
  12. Powering Through the Apocalypse: A Comprehensive Guide to Off-Grid Energy Solutions When SHTF
    • A look at different methods of generating energy in off-grid scenarios.
  13. From Farm to Fortress: The Ultimate Guide to Raising Livestock for Sustenance and Security in a Post-Apocalyptic World
    • A guide to raising livestock for food and other resources.
  14. Fortress Unbreachable: How to Secure Your SHTF Camp or Home With Traps and Alarms
    • How to set up traps and alarms to secure your camp or home.
  15. Mind Over Matter: The Psychology of Survival for the SHTF Warrior
    • Discussing the mental challenges of survival and how to overcome them.
  16. Apocalyptic Wall Street: Trading and Bartering in a World Without Money”
    • Strategies for trading and bartering in a world where traditional currency has lost value.
  17. From Playpens to Panic Rooms: The Family Plan for Prepping Your Kids for SHTF Scenarios
    • Tips and techniques for preparing your children for emergency situations.
  18. From Road Trips to Rapid Retreats: Vehicle Survival – Prepping Your Car for a Quick Getaway
    • How to prepare your car for evacuation and survival.
  19. From Drips to Rivers: Aquatic Survival – Finding and Purifying Water When Every Drop Counts
    • Techniques for locating and purifying water in SHTF scenarios.
  20. Silent but Deadly: The Unsung Heroes of SHTF Defense and Hunting – Slingshots, Bows, and Traps
    • An overview of silent weapons like slingshots, bows, and traps.
  21. Weathering the Storm: A Tactical Guide to Surviving Extreme Weather Events in SHTF Scenarios
    • Tips for surviving hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and other extreme weather events.
  22. Remote Medicine: Lifesaving Tactics for Treating Injuries When Professional Help is Off the Grid
    • How to handle medical emergencies when professional help isn’t available.
  23. Sanctuary Building: The Ultimate Blueprint for Crafting Your SHTF Fortress
    • A guide to constructing a secure and sustainable shelter.
  24. Firestarter: Unleashing the Elemental Power of Fire for SHTF Survival
    • Various methods of starting and maintaining fires for warmth, cooking, and signaling.
  25. Guardian or Marauder? The Moral Compass of Survival in a Post-Apocalyptic World
    • A discussion on the ethical dilemmas that can arise in SHTF scenarios and how to navigate them.


So, buckle up, dear readers, as we dive into a world of uncertainty, challenges, and, most importantly, survival. This November is all about facing our deepest fears, preparing for the unimaginable, and emerging stronger, wiser, and ready for whatever comes our way. Whether you’re a seasoned prepper or a curious newcomer, our upcoming SHTF blog series promises to be an eye-opening venture into the art of staying alive when the unthinkable happens.

See you in the apocalypse. Are you ready?

As always, be safe and be prepared.


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