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Are Self-Defense Keychains Legal in Washington State?

In Washington State, you’re permitted to carry specific self-defense tools, including pepper spray, stun guns, tactical pens, and knives with blades under 3.5 inches. However, when it comes to self-defense keychains, it’s crucial you confirm they meet these legal requirements. Keychains with prohibited features or those that could be classified as illegal weapons under state law could lead to trouble. […]

Courage on the Trail: The Remarkable Survival Story of a Cougar Attack in Snoqualmie Valley

As a follow-up to our previous post, Cyclists Defend Against Cougar in Uncommon Encounter East of Seattle, Resulting in Injuries, we have some further details. In the serene setting of the upper Snoqualmie Valley, a harrowing tale of survival, bravery, and community unfolded last Saturday, spotlighting the inherent risks of nature’s unpredictability. Keri McCorkle, a […]

The Flawed Logic of Washington’s SB 5444 on Self-Defense at Transit Hubs

Washington state’s proposed SB 5444 bill, pushed forward by Democrats, has stirred significant controversy and debate. This legislation seeks to expand the existing zones where carrying weapons, including legally purchased firearms and knives, is prohibited. While the bill’s proponents argue it’s a step towards increased public safety, critics assert it does the exact opposite, especially […]

Fool’s Gold: The Richard Bradley Jr. Murder Spree Unearthed

The Gold Digger’s Deceit: A Tale of Murder and Betrayal in Washington State In the somber landscape of Auburn, Washington, a chilling narrative of treachery and murder unfolds. The central figure in this macabre saga is Richard Bradley Jr., a 40-year-old man whose story intertwines with the lives and tragic deaths of several individuals. Bradley, […]

Home Invasion in Washington: Unintended Consequences of Gun Laws

In Washington State, a bone-chilling episode transpired on 10/19/2023 around 2 AM that underscores the worst fears of every homeowner. It serves as a potent case study in the urgency of personal security. A residential surveillance system captured the grim tableau: three men, faces obscured by masks and armed with what appeared to be firearms, […]