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You Are the True Weapon: Mastering Self-Defense With and Beyond Tools

In the intricate world of personal safety and self-defense, amidst the ever-evolving arsenal of gadgets, tools, and legal statutes designed to empower (or in some cases limit) individuals against threats, lies a fundamental axiom that often escapes notice: the most potent and indispensable weapon at one’s disposal is oneself. This principle holds true across the […]

Atomic Self-Defense: Getting 1% Better Every Day

“Atomic Habits” by James Clear stands as a transformative guide in the realm of habit formation and personal development, offering a wealth of knowledge on how small changes can lead to remarkable results. Clear’s fundamental thesis revolves around the idea that by improving just 1% every day, individuals can achieve substantial growth over time. This […]

Choose Your Own Adventure: Scenario Planning in Self-Defense Training

Remember those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books that let you dictate the flow of the story by making decisions for the main character? This immersive form of storytelling offered multiple outcomes based on your decisions, creating a unique narrative journey each time. Drawing a parallel to this concept, self-defense training can be similarly dynamic and […]

Why Do People Strike Opponents?

There are many reasons why striking is an important part of martial arts. I posed this question to one of my classes a few weeks back. Various levels were present, from 3rd-degree black belts to beginner yellow, and I wanted to see what kind of answers I got. I told them, of course, there were […]