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Self-Defense for College Students: Pepper Spray and Stun Gun Safety on Campus

College life is an exciting and transformative experience, but it also comes with its share of safety concerns. Ensuring personal safety on campus is a priority for college students, and self-defense tools like pepper spray and stun guns can be valuable allies. In this article, we will discuss the unique self-defense concerns faced by college […]

Stun Guns Demystified: How Do They Disable Attackers?

In an ever-changing world, personal safety remains a top concern for many. When it comes to non-lethal self-defense tools, stun guns have gained popularity due to their effectiveness and relative ease of use. But how do these devices work, and what makes them an effective means of disabling attackers while keeping users safe? In this […]

Runt Stun Gun with Flashlight: A Must-Have for Women’s Self-Defense

If you’re a woman concerned about your safety, you’re not alone – many women feel anxious and vulnerable when out by themselves, or in unfamiliar areas. Thankfully, there’s a great solution out there for women who want to feel more empowered and more secure: the Runt 80 Million volt Rechargeable Stun Gun with Flashlight. This […]

Stun Guns and Loaded Firearms Found in Carry-On Luggage at CT Airports

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers recently found a stun gun and a loaded firearm in carry-on luggage at Bradley International Airport and Tweed New Haven Airport. On August 9, TSA officers at Bradley International Airport found a stun gun in a woman’s handbag during a security screening. Connecticut State Police confiscated the stun gun. The […]

How Effective Are Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapons in Real-Life Situations?

Non-lethal self-defense items are increasingly used by law enforcement and civilians to protect themselves and others without resorting to deadly force. However, the effectiveness of non-lethal methods in real-life scenarios is often debated. There is some evidence to suggest that non-lethal methods can be effective in deterring and stopping attackers. For example, a National Institute […]

Stun Guns: What You Need to Know

A stun gun is a self-defense weapon that uses an electric shock to incapacitate an attacker. It works by delivering a high-voltage, low-amperage current through the attacker’s body, which causes neuromuscular incapacitation (NMI). NMI is a temporary condition that causes the muscles to contract involuntarily, making it difficult for the attacker to move. The voltage […]

Self-Defense Stun Gun Myths and Facts

Self-defense stun guns are a widely recognized and respected choice when it comes to non-lethal self-defense weapons selection. They have become increasingly popular over the years, becoming the go-to option for many individuals looking for a robust and reliable means of personal protection. However, owing to their soaring popularity, many myths and misconceptions have arisen […]

Non-Lethal Self-Defense: 7 Reasons Why You Should Care

As humans, we are wired with an innate desire to protect ourselves and those around us. This drive has been ingrained into our brains from an early age, and it is what compels us to take action even in the face of danger or threat. Non-lethal self-defense offers a powerful way to harness this instinct […]

Product Review: Fang Keychain Stun Gun and Flashlight

The Fang Keychain 60 Million Volt Stun Gun and Flashlight is a truly impressive self-defense device. Its engineers put a lot of thought and effort into designing an ergonomic and compact product that puts your safety and security first. This stun gun is incredibly powerful and capable of unleashing a massive 60 million volts of […]