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The Left Hook: The Unsung Hero of Self-Defense Arsenal

The left hook is often relegated to a secondary role in martial arts and self-defense, overshadowed by its more popular counterparts such as the jab, cross, or the ever-mesmerizing spinning kicks. Yet, when it comes to real-world applications, the left hook can prove to be an indispensable asset. It offers a unique blend of power […]

Thud and Thunder: The Science of Leg Kicks in Combat and Self-Defense

Introduction: A Leg Up on the Competition In a world obsessed with high-impact face punches and cinematic uppercuts, the humble leg kick often gets overlooked. However, anyone on the receiving end of a powerful leg kick knows its efficacy. It’s not just a move in professional fighting sports like MMA and Muay Thai but also […]

Fist to the Face: The Psychology and Physiology of Punches, from Both Ends

Introduction: More than a Fistfight We’ve all seen it in movies: the hero throws a punch, lands it perfectly on the villain’s face, and the crowd goes wild. But what really happens when you get punched in the face—or when you’re the one delivering the blow? Understanding the psychology and physiology behind it can offer […]

Why Do People Strike Opponents?

There are many reasons why striking is an important part of martial arts. I posed this question to one of my classes a few weeks back. Various levels were present, from 3rd-degree black belts to beginner yellow, and I wanted to see what kind of answers I got. I told them, of course, there were […]