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Understanding the Psychology of a Stalker: Motivations, Behaviors, and Early Warning Signs

Stalking, a pervasive and often dangerous behavior, has profound psychological underpinnings. Understanding the psychology of a stalker is crucial not only for mental health professionals but also for potential victims and society at large. This article delves into what motivates stalkers, what makes them tick, and how to recognize early warning signs to prevent potential […]

I Am A Stalker E8: Ruben Jaramillo – A Descent into Obsession and Violence

In the final episode of “I Am a Stalker,” viewers are presented with the troubling case of Ruben Jaramillo, whose relationship with the older Maria spiraled into a chilling saga of obsession, harassment, and violence. The Start of a Questioned Relationship Ruben Jaramillo, then 29, met 45-year-old Maria while working at a care home. Their […]

I Am A Stalker E7: Terry Morrison – A Story of Trust Betrayed

In episode seven of “I Am a Stalker,” the series explores the unsettling case of Terry Morrison and his relationship with 54-year-old Sadie, a tale that evolved from an unexpected connection to a harrowing ordeal of fear and stalking. Unlikely Beginnings Sadie, a middle-class woman deeply rooted in her faith, found an unlikely companion in […]

I Am A Stalker E6: Deketrice Jackson – A Path of Obsession and Harassment

In the sixth episode of “I Am a Stalker,” the series shifts focus to Deketrice Jackson, whose inability to cope with rejection led to a pattern of possessive and violent behaviors in her relationships. The Escalation of Deketrice’s Behavior Deketrice’s story is marked by a series of increasingly violent offenses that stemmed from her inability […]

I Am A Stalker E5: James Corpus – A Friendship Turned Nightmare

In the fifth episode of “I Am a Stalker,” viewers are introduced to the unsettling case of James Corpus, whose close friendship with Ashley took a dark and dangerous turn. The Beginning of a Disturbing Friendship Ashley knew James Corpus as a long-time family friend, a bond that had developed despite her knowledge of his […]

I Am A Stalker S1E4: Jaclyn Feagin – A Twisted Tale of Jealousy and Harassment

The fourth episode of “I Am a Stalker” presents the unusual case of Jaclyn Feagin, a woman who orchestrated a sinister campaign of harassment against Sandra, her husband’s ex-girlfriend, driven by jealousy and suspicion. The Uncommon Case of a Female Stalker In the landscape of stalking cases in the United States, where less than a […]

I Am A Stalker S1E3: David McGee – Unmasking the Charming Facade

The third episode of “I Am a Stalker” unveils the disturbing story of David McGee, whose seemingly charming demeanor concealed a dark and violent nature, eventually exposed by his girlfriend, Charmeka. The Deceptive Beginning Charmeka was initially captivated by David McGee’s sense of humor and apparent religious values, which painted a picture of a trustworthy […]

I Am A Stalker S1E2: John Anderson – A Relationship Turned Nightmare

The second episode of “I Am a Stalker” delves into the tumultuous and tragic relationship between Rachel and John Anderson. What began as an intense attraction quickly evolved into a complex and ultimately dangerous liaison. The Beginnings of a Promising Relationship Rachel’s relationship with John initially seemed promising. John’s ‘wild side’ was initially perceived as […]

I Am a Stalker S1E1: Daniel Thompson – A Tale of Escalating Obsession and Violence

In the first episode of “I Am a Stalker,” viewers are introduced to the harrowing story of Daniel Thompson, whose fixation on his high school sweetheart, Angie, turned into a decades-long saga of obsession and violence. The Beginning: A High School Infatuation Turns Dark Daniel and Angie’s story began in 1991, rooted in what appeared […]