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Initial Aggressor Doctrine in Self-Defense

The initial aggressor doctrine is a legal doctrine that holds that a person who initiates a physical confrontation loses the right to claim self-defense. This doctrine is based on the idea that a person who starts a fight cannot claim that they were acting in self-defense, because they were the ones who created the situation […]

What is a Reasonable Person?

A reasonable person is a hypothetical individual who is used as a standard of conduct in negligence law. The reasonable person is someone who is careful and prudent, and who takes the necessary steps to avoid harming others. The reasonable person standard is used to determine whether a person’s actions were negligent and whether they […]

Judicious Use of Deadly Force and Use of Force Continuum

I have touched on the judicious use of force and the use of force continuum in previous posts. But this topic warrants a full article on its own. I am not a lawyer, but this will be a basic primer if you are not well-versed in it. Your best option would be to follow up […]