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Self-Defense Case Studies: Action Movie Scenes Decoded

The exciting world of Hollywood action films is known for its epic fight scenes and thrilling escapes. With iconic characters like John Wick and Jason Bourne, these movies offer an exhilarating peek into the world of self-defense. However, it’s essential to ask the critical question: do these films portray self-defense accurately? This is something we’re […]

How Can John Wick Teach You Self-Defense?

The John Wick movies are a great example of how martial arts can be used for self-defense. However, it is important to remember that the movies are not realistic representations of real-world self-defense. In the movies, John Wick is able to take on multiple attackers and defeat them with ease with his Gun-Fu. This is […]

Budget John Wick Knife Options

I need knives, lots of knives. Besides maybe The Crow, the John Wick movies are my absolute favorites. They are well-made action flicks with spectacular fight scenes, interesting characters, and compelling storylines.  If you like this type of movie. It’s a revenge story at its core, but it is also a story about loss, grief, and […]