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I Am A Stalker E8: Ruben Jaramillo – A Descent into Obsession and Violence

In the final episode of “I Am a Stalker,” viewers are presented with the troubling case of Ruben Jaramillo, whose relationship with the older Maria spiraled into a chilling saga of obsession, harassment, and violence. The Start of a Questioned Relationship Ruben Jaramillo, then 29, met 45-year-old Maria while working at a care home. Their […]

I Am A Stalker E7: Terry Morrison – A Story of Trust Betrayed

In episode seven of “I Am a Stalker,” the series explores the unsettling case of Terry Morrison and his relationship with 54-year-old Sadie, a tale that evolved from an unexpected connection to a harrowing ordeal of fear and stalking. Unlikely Beginnings Sadie, a middle-class woman deeply rooted in her faith, found an unlikely companion in […]

I Am A Stalker E6: Deketrice Jackson – A Path of Obsession and Harassment

In the sixth episode of “I Am a Stalker,” the series shifts focus to Deketrice Jackson, whose inability to cope with rejection led to a pattern of possessive and violent behaviors in her relationships. The Escalation of Deketrice’s Behavior Deketrice’s story is marked by a series of increasingly violent offenses that stemmed from her inability […]

I Am A Stalker E5: James Corpus – A Friendship Turned Nightmare

In the fifth episode of “I Am a Stalker,” viewers are introduced to the unsettling case of James Corpus, whose close friendship with Ashley took a dark and dangerous turn. The Beginning of a Disturbing Friendship Ashley knew James Corpus as a long-time family friend, a bond that had developed despite her knowledge of his […]

I Am A Stalker S1E4: Jaclyn Feagin – A Twisted Tale of Jealousy and Harassment

The fourth episode of “I Am a Stalker” presents the unusual case of Jaclyn Feagin, a woman who orchestrated a sinister campaign of harassment against Sandra, her husband’s ex-girlfriend, driven by jealousy and suspicion. The Uncommon Case of a Female Stalker In the landscape of stalking cases in the United States, where less than a […]

I Am A Stalker S1E3: David McGee – Unmasking the Charming Facade

The third episode of “I Am a Stalker” unveils the disturbing story of David McGee, whose seemingly charming demeanor concealed a dark and violent nature, eventually exposed by his girlfriend, Charmeka. The Deceptive Beginning Charmeka was initially captivated by David McGee’s sense of humor and apparent religious values, which painted a picture of a trustworthy […]

I Am A Stalker S1E2: John Anderson – A Relationship Turned Nightmare

The second episode of “I Am a Stalker” delves into the tumultuous and tragic relationship between Rachel and John Anderson. What began as an intense attraction quickly evolved into a complex and ultimately dangerous liaison. The Beginnings of a Promising Relationship Rachel’s relationship with John initially seemed promising. John’s ‘wild side’ was initially perceived as […]

I Am a Stalker S1E1: Daniel Thompson – A Tale of Escalating Obsession and Violence

In the first episode of “I Am a Stalker,” viewers are introduced to the harrowing story of Daniel Thompson, whose fixation on his high school sweetheart, Angie, turned into a decades-long saga of obsession and violence. The Beginning: A High School Infatuation Turns Dark Daniel and Angie’s story began in 1991, rooted in what appeared […]