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How Does Glass Break Alarm Work?

Glass break alarms work by detecting the specific sound or vibration of breaking glass, acting as silent sentinels for your home. They come equipped with either acoustic sensors, which listen for the unique frequency of shattering glass, shock sensors that pick up on the vibrations caused by an impact, or dual sensors combining both methods for greater accuracy. Once they recognize a […]

How Does a Door Stop Alarm Work?

A Super Door Stop Alarm provides an extra layer of security for your home. It works by emitting a loud, 115dB alarm when it detects pressure from an attempted door opening. You simply insert a 9V battery, choose the sensitivity level that suits your needs, and place it under the door. Its non-skid pad guarantees it stays in place, preventing […]

What Does a Pool Alarm Do?

A pool alarm is your extra set of eyes, designed to alert you to unauthorized access or disturbances in your pool. Whether it’s a surface wave detection alarm, a sub-surface disturbance sensor, a wristband alarm for personal security, or a gate alarm, each type plays an important role in enhancing pool safety. They work by […]

High Altitude Heists: The Curious Case of Souvenir Snatching on Air Force One

In an intriguing revelation this week, a report has shed light on a rather unexpected issue aboard the most prestigious aircraft in the United States, Air Force One: a culture of souvenir snatching among White House reporters. While one might assume that the security aboard the president’s personal aircraft would be impenetrable, it appears that […]

Fortress at Home: Lessons in Self-Defense and Security from Helm’s Deep

In the realm of fantasy, the fortress of Helm’s Deep in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” stands as a symbol of ultimate defense and resilience. Its towering walls, strategic location, and robust defenses make it a near-impenetrable stronghold. Yet, not everyone can live in such a fortress. However, there are valuable lessons to be […]

Home Invasion in Washington: Unintended Consequences of Gun Laws

In Washington State, a bone-chilling episode transpired on 10/19/2023 around 2 AM that underscores the worst fears of every homeowner. It serves as a potent case study in the urgency of personal security. A residential surveillance system captured the grim tableau: three men, faces obscured by masks and armed with what appeared to be firearms, […]

Summer Weather Theft Warning

As the summer heat continues, it’s important to be aware of the increased risk of opportunistic theft. Thieves are more likely to target homes and businesses during the summer months when people are more likely to be away from their property. They may also be more likely to leave doors and windows unlocked in an […]

How Loud are Things in Decibels (dB)?

The decibel (dB) is a unit of measurement for sound intensity. It is a logarithmic scale, so a 10-dB increase in sound level is a tenfold increase in the intensity of the sound. This means that a sound that is 100 dB is 10 times more intense than a sound that is 90 dB. The […]