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John Moses Browning and the Iconic 1911: A Legacy of Precision and Protection

On February 14, a day typically enveloped in the warmth of romantic gestures and expressions of endearment, the realm of firearms and self-defense honors a legacy of a markedly different nature—a legacy sculpted from steel and marked by ingenuity. This was the day in 1911, that John Moses Browning, a luminary in the advancement of […]

John Moses Browning: Celebrating the Legacy of a Firearms Genius

The Life and Times of John Moses Browning Early Years and Formative Influences John Moses Browning, born into a world on the cusp of the industrial revolution, grew up in Ogden, Utah, where his foundational experiences in his father’s gun shop set the stage for his future accomplishments. His father, Jonathan Browning, was himself an […]