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Are Stun Guns Legal in California?

Yes, you can legally own and carry a stun gun in California in 2024 for self-defense. However, there are restrictions you need to be aware of, especially if you have a felony conviction, assault charges, or a narcotics addiction. If you’re 16 or 17, you’ll need parental consent. Keep in mind, there are places where carrying a stun gun is […]

Are Stun Guns Legal in New York?

Yes, you can legally own and carry stun guns in New York. This change came about in 2019, thanks to a federal court decision that overturned the previous ban. You must be at least 18 years old and don’t need a background check or permit for concealed carry. However, it’s important to follow local laws […]

The Badass Guardian: The Epic Power of the 110 Million Volt Stun Baton

In an era characterized by increasing concerns over personal security and safety, the significance of being adequately prepared cannot be overstated. In the quest for effective self-defense mechanisms, individuals are met with a vast array of options, each promising a level of protection and peace of mind. Amidst this extensive selection of gadgets and gear […]

The Master Blaster Stun Gun: Your 95 Million Volt Personal Security Powerhouse

In an increasingly unpredictable world, the need for reliable self-defense tools has never been more vital. While carrying a gun might be an option for some, it comes with its own set of challenges and liabilities. This is where non-lethal alternatives like stun guns come into the picture. Among the plethora of options available, The […]

Voltage, Amperage, and Wattage: Demystifying the Electrics of Self-Defense and Daily Life

In the world of self-defense gadgets, the stun gun stands out with its electrifying presence. But beyond its zapping sound and intimidating spark, what really gives it the power to deter an assailant? And how does this power compare to the electricity that runs our household appliances or even life-threatening electrical currents? Let’s dive into […]

Empowered, Not Overpowered: Why Every Woman Should Consider Carrying a Stun Gun

In a world where personal safety is a growing concern, especially for women, it’s essential to consider every tool available to level the playing field. Stun guns emerge as a compelling choice in the array of self-defense options, from traditional martial arts techniques to pepper sprays. This article aims to shed light on why every […]

Lightning in Your Pocket: The Trigger 75 Million Volt Stun Gun Flashlight

Safety in today’s world is an increasingly pressing concern, and being adequately prepared is no longer optional—it’s essential. For those seeking a self-defense tool that offers more than just raw power, the Trigger 75 Million Volt Stun Gun Flashlight brings a unique blend of functionality and firepower to the table. This comprehensive article will delve […]

The Little Giant: Unpacking the Power of a Fang Keychain Stun Gun and Flashlight

In an era where personal safety is a paramount concern, the Fang Keychain 60 Million Volt Stun Gun and Flashlight emerges as a game-changer in the realm of self-defense products. Compact enough to fit into the palm of your hand but packing enough voltage to give any potential assailant second thoughts, this ingenious device is […]