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American Kenpo: The Winter Warrior’s Guide to Self-Defense Amidst Snow, Ice, and Bulky Clothing

As winter casts its chilly blanket over the landscape, those of us dedicated to personal safety and self-defense face unique challenges. This season, while picturesque with its snow-clad trees and glistening icicles, brings with it a set of conditions that can complicate even the most well-rehearsed self-defense strategies. Practitioners of martial arts, particularly those trained […]

Why Do People Strike Opponents?

There are many reasons why striking is an important part of martial arts. I posed this question to one of my classes a few weeks back. Various levels were present, from 3rd-degree black belts to beginner yellow, and I wanted to see what kind of answers I got. I told them, of course, there were […]

Practice Until You Can’t Get it Wrong

The saying “practice makes perfect” often encourages people to keep practicing a skill until they become proficient. However, a more accurate phrase is: “Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong.” This saying is based on the idea that true mastery of a skill requires more than just being […]

No Fight: De-escalation Techniques for Self-Defense

De-escalation is a fundamental process that involves reducing the tension and anxiety of a situation before it spirals out of control and leads to violent or destructive outcomes. This essential life skill empowers individuals to remain calm and composed in potentially dangerous situations and redirect negative emotions toward a more peaceful resolution. By practicing de-escalation, […]

Self-Defense: Learning from Theory, Practice, and Mistakes

Learning is a complex process that involves a variety of factors, including our cognitive abilities, our prior knowledge, and our motivation. However, three essential key elements are learning from theory, from practice, and from mistakes. Theory provides us with a foundation of knowledge and understanding. It helps us to make sense of the world around […]

How Can John Wick Teach You Self-Defense?

The John Wick movies are a great example of how martial arts can be used for self-defense. However, it is important to remember that the movies are not realistic representations of real-world self-defense. In the movies, John Wick is able to take on multiple attackers and defeat them with ease with his Gun-Fu. This is […]

Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast

The phrase “slow is smooth, smooth is fast” is a martial arts adage derived from the Navy SEALs, that emphasizes the importance of accuracy, precision, and relaxation over speed. It is often used to describe the need to focus on the fundamentals and to avoid rushing, even when under pressure. In the branch of American […]

Principles and Basics of American Kenpo Karate

American Kenpo Karate is a self-defense system that was developed in the United States by Ed Parker in the early 1950s. It is a hybrid martial art that combines elements of Okinawan karate, Chinese kung fu, and Western boxing. The principles of American Kenpo are based on the following: American Kenpo is a comprehensive and […]

Belief That You are Worth Defending

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art that emphasizes grappling and ground fighting techniques for effective self-defense. Unlike many traditional martial arts, BJJ practitioners are trained to take an opponent to the ground and neutralize their attacks, providing a position of advantage and limiting their ability to harm you. BJJ training teaches students to remain […]