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South Carolina Embraces 2A Freedom: Governor Enacts Constitutional Carry

In a landmark move for gun rights and personal freedom, South Carolina has officially joined the ranks of states endorsing constitutional carry, immediately following Louisiana. Governor Henry McMaster, in a significant step towards enhancing the Second Amendment rights of South Carolinians, signed into law legislation allowing individuals aged 18 and older to carry firearms in […]

Louisiana Embraces Constitutional Carry: A New Era for Gun Rights

In a significant shift in gun policy, Louisiana has now joined the ranks of states allowing residents to carry a gun without a permit. This move marks a departure from previous regulations, where only those with military service in the state could enjoy this level of firearm freedom. This policy change has sparked a variety […]

Concealed Carry for Caregivers: A Guide to Protecting Your Loved Ones

In the complex web of responsibilities that caregivers, parents, grandparents, and guardians navigate daily, the safety of those in their care is paramount. The decision to carry a concealed weapon for self-defense, whether a firearm, pepper spray, or a stun gun,  introduces a nuanced layer of preparedness and awareness, especially when protecting not just oneself […]

John Moses Browning and the Iconic 1911: A Legacy of Precision and Protection

On February 14, a day typically enveloped in the warmth of romantic gestures and expressions of endearment, the realm of firearms and self-defense honors a legacy of a markedly different nature—a legacy sculpted from steel and marked by ingenuity. This was the day in 1911, that John Moses Browning, a luminary in the advancement of […]

John Moses Browning: Celebrating the Legacy of a Firearms Genius

The Life and Times of John Moses Browning Early Years and Formative Influences John Moses Browning, born into a world on the cusp of the industrial revolution, grew up in Ogden, Utah, where his foundational experiences in his father’s gun shop set the stage for his future accomplishments. His father, Jonathan Browning, was himself an […]

Home Invasion in Washington: Unintended Consequences of Gun Laws

In Washington State, a bone-chilling episode transpired on 10/19/2023 around 2 AM that underscores the worst fears of every homeowner. It serves as a potent case study in the urgency of personal security. A residential surveillance system captured the grim tableau: three men, faces obscured by masks and armed with what appeared to be firearms, […]

Glocktober: A Month-Long Journey into the World of Glock Firearms and Personal Safety

Why Glocktober Matters Every October, the shooting community rallies around a month-long celebration known affectionately as “Glocktober.” For the uninitiated, it might sound like just another social media trend, but #Glocktober is far more than that. It is an annual homage to Glock handguns and, more importantly, a focal point for education and awareness around […]

Disarming Me Will Not Protect Me, It Only Helps the Bad Guys

There has been a growing movement to disarm law-abiding citizens in recent years. This movement is often based on the belief that if fewer canisters of pepper spray, stun guns, or firearms are in circulation, there will be less crime and violence. However, there is no evidence to support this claim. In fact, studies have […]

Unlocked and Unloaded: Assessing the Impact of California’s Latest Firearm Legislation

California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) has recently enacted new legislation imposing an additional 11 percent tax on firearms and ammunition, compounding existing federal taxes on these items. Framed as a “sin tax,” this law arguably challenges the Second Amendment rights of Californians. Although the Governor dismisses alternative means of addressing gun violence, the added financial […]