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Tragic Outcome: Arizona Tragedy Highlights the Dangers of Wildlife Interaction

In a sobering reminder of the dangers inherent in interactions with wild animals, an Arizona woman has succumbed to injuries after an elk attack in her backyard. The incident, which occurred on October 26, 2023, in the serene Pine Lake community nestled in the Hualapai Mountains, has sent ripples of concern through the local populace […]

Harrowing Encounter with a Rabid Coyote in Rural Massachusetts

Robin Totman thought she was in for a typical evening as she pulled into her driveway on Highland Street in Stoughton, Massachusetts on October 3, 2023. The area is known for its rural charm, but what happened next was anything but charming. Just as she was preparing to step out of her car, an aggressive […]

Close Call in Idaho: Hunter’s Life-Saving Decision in Grizzly Territory

In the dense forests of Henrys Lake State Park, what started as an elk hunt turned into a life-or-death situation involving a grizzly bear on September 30, 2023. As the Idaho Fish and Games Department reported, an unexpected encounter between a hunter and a grizzly bear ended in the latter’s demise. Navigating through the thick […]

How to Use Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Against a Bear

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Against Bears Wait for the bear to make a move When it attacks, duck and shoot in Take its back It won’t be able to reach you with its short arms Go for a rear-naked choke When the bear passes out, it will fall forward, you did it! Now snap out of […]

Angler Shoots and Kills Grizzly Bear in Self-Defense in Montana

An angler shot and killed a grizzly bear in self-defense on August 30, 2023, in the Tom Miner Basin in Montana. The incident is still under investigation, but FWP believes that the anglers surprised the bear in a close encounter, and its behavior was defensive. The anglers were walking through dense vegetation when the bear […]

Rabid Coyote Attacks Woman in Fall River, Killed by Police

On Monday morning, August 28, 2023, a rabid coyote attacked a woman while walking her dog in Fall River, Massachusetts. The woman was bitten on both legs and her left arm, but she was able to scare away the coyote after screaming at it. She was taken to Rhode Island Hospital for treatment. The coyote […]