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I Am a Stalker e4

The fourth episode of “I Am a Stalker” presents the unusual case of Jaclyn Feagin, a woman who orchestrated a sinister campaign of harassment against Sandra, her husband’s ex-girlfriend, driven by jealousy and suspicion.

The Uncommon Case of a Female Stalker

In the landscape of stalking cases in the United States, where less than a quarter involve female perpetrators, Jaclyn Feagin’s story stands out. Her actions, fueled by a complex mix of grief, jealousy, and possessiveness, paint a rare but disturbing picture of female stalking behavior.

The Trigger: A Tragic Love Triangle

The origins of Jaclyn’s stalking behavior can be traced back to 2019, in the aftermath of a tragic event. The death of Sandra’s infant son, who was also Jesse’s (Jaclyn’s husband) child, reignited communication between the former couple. This development sparked intense jealousy in Jaclyn, leading her to perceive Sandra as a threat to her marriage.

Escalating to Harassment

Unable to contain her jealousy, Jaclyn embarked on a chilling campaign of revenge against Sandra. She crafted and delivered ominous objects that appeared to target Sandra’s Christian faith, symbolically using ‘occult’ imagery to instill fear. These deliveries, made under the cover of darkness, were designed to terrorize Sandra and disrupt her sense of safety.

The Impact on the Victim

For months, Sandra lived in a state of constant fear and anxiety. The mysterious and threatening nature of the items left at her doorstep caused her to fear for her and her family’s safety. The situation escalated further when Sandra received direct death threats, heightening the severity of the harassment.

The Investigation Unravels the Truth

When law enforcement finally intervened, they utilized CCTV footage to unravel the case. The footage revealed Jaclyn as the perpetrator behind the harassment. In a shocking twist, it also uncovered the involvement of an unexpected accomplice – Jaclyn’s own mother. This revelation added a complex layer to the case, highlighting the extent of Jaclyn’s determination to intimidate Sandra.

The Complexities of Stalking and the Role of Emotional Turmoil

Jaclyn Feagin’s story is a stark reminder of the complex psychological factors that can drive stalking behavior. Her actions, though rare for a female stalker, underscore the profound impact of emotional turmoil, jealousy, and grief in triggering harmful behavior. This episode highlights the importance of recognizing and addressing the root causes of such behavior, as well as the need for effective legal measures to protect victims from harassment and threats. The involvement of Jaclyn’s mother further illustrates how emotional manipulation and familial dynamics can contribute to and escalate stalking situations.

Conclusion, Lessons Learned, and Safety Strategies: The Case of Jaclyn Feagin in “I Am a Stalker” – Episode 4


The fourth episode of “I Am a Stalker” introduces a unique and troubling case of female stalking, revealing the sinister actions of Jaclyn Feagin against her husband’s ex-girlfriend, Sandra. This episode sheds light on the less commonly discussed but equally disturbing phenomenon of female perpetrators in stalking scenarios. Driven by a blend of grief, jealousy, and possessiveness, Jaclyn’s story unfolds as a vivid illustration of how deep-seated emotional turmoil can lead to alarming and harmful behaviors.

Lessons Learned

From Jaclyn Feagin’s actions, critical lessons emerge about the nature of stalking, particularly concerning female stalkers. The episode demonstrates how intense emotional states, such as jealousy and grief, can act as catalysts for stalking behavior. It also highlights the importance of recognizing the early signs of unhealthy jealousy and the potential for such emotions to escalate into dangerous obsessions. Additionally, the involvement of Jaclyn’s mother in her campaign against Sandra points to the complexities surrounding family dynamics and their influence on such behaviors.

Expanded Safety Strategy

  1. Monitoring the Intensity of Jealousy:

    • Be alert to abnormal levels of jealousy in relationships, including aggressive questioning or baseless accusations.
    • Recognizing when jealousy becomes obsessive is crucial for addressing the issue early.
  2. Asserting Independence:

    • Establish clear boundaries regarding controlling behaviors.
    • Maintaining independence within a relationship is essential for personal well-being.
  3. Changing Daily Patterns:

    • If feeling threatened, consider altering routines to reduce predictability.
    • Diverse daily activities can help mitigate the risk of being tracked or followed.
  4. Enhancing Home Security:

    • Implement additional security measures like surveillance cameras and improved locking systems.
    • Ensuring a secure living environment can provide a sense of safety and deter potential stalkers.
  5. Engaging in Self-Defense Training:

  6. Taking Legal Measures:

    • In cases where jealousy escalates to stalking or harassment, involve law enforcement.
    • Obtaining a restraining order can provide legal protection and help prevent further incidents.
  7. Seeking Counseling:

    • Suggesting counseling for individuals displaying unhealthy jealousy can be beneficial.
    • Professional help can address the root causes of such emotions and promote healthier coping mechanisms.


Utilizing Tactical Pens in Self-Defense Against Stalkers

Tactical pens, while primarily a writing tool, double as a potential self-defense instrument against stalkers. These pens are designed to be sturdy and can be used to strike at sensitive areas of an attacker, potentially providing an opportunity to escape. Their inconspicuous nature allows them to be carried openly, offering readiness and accessibility in unexpected situations.

Users should practice and become familiar with the tactical pen to use it effectively in a self-defense scenario. Its role in self-defense is underscored in various accounts where individuals successfully fended off attackers using items at their disposal, including tactical pens.

Conclusion: Understanding and Addressing Stalking Dynamics

The case of Jaclyn Feagin, as depicted in “I Am a Stalker,” serves as a powerful reminder of the complexities and dangers of stalking behaviors. It underscores the need for a thorough understanding of the emotional factors that can drive such actions and the importance of effective strategies to counteract them. Recognizing early warning signs, asserting boundaries, enhancing security, and seeking legal and professional help are critical steps in safeguarding oneself from potential stalking situations.

This episode also highlights the significance of addressing the psychological underpinnings of stalking behaviors, both for the stalkers and their victims, emphasizing the role of counseling and support systems in mitigating these issues. The story of Jaclyn Feagin reinforces the message that stalking is a serious issue, requiring a comprehensive approach for prevention, intervention, and support.

As always, be safe and be prepared.


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